Guyana: Man electrocuted while putting up metal Christmas tree


Deepak Ramdeen

A tragic beginning to the Christmas Season for a family in Guyana as a 29-year-old man of Good Hope village died after being electrocuted while putting up a 27-foot metal Christmas Tree at Lusignan, East Coast Demerara. 

The victim has been identified as Deepak Ramdeen, a Machinist of Good Hope, East Coast Demerara. 

According to the Guyana Police Force, Ramdeen was allegedly electrocuted as he and three other men were installing a metal Christmas tree, about 27 feet in height, at the front of a residence at Lusignan. 

It is alleged that the star on the tip of the tree came into contact with a live wire overhead which caused Ramdeen to be electrocuted. 

A report states around 11 pm on December 2, Ramdeen and others were all putting up the metal Christmas tree using a crane attached to a lorry. 

Ramdeen, along with the other men were in the process of erecting the metal tree outside the house when the incident occurred and allegedly caused Ramdeen and the others to receive electric shocks to their bodies. 

They were all rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital. 

Ramdeen succumbed to his injuries while receiving treatment, while the other men remain warded at the Burns Unit at GPHC. 

Investigations are ongoing.