Guyana to get state of the crematorium

A modern crematorium is slated to open its door to the Guyanese public early March in the capital city on a section of Le Repentir Cemetery.

It will be the city’s first such facility and already the news is getting thumbs up by many including those who have faced some challenges burying their love ones at Le Repentir Cemetery. These challenges include vandalism, flooding and appropriate space.

Chairman, Markets and Public Health Committee, Georgetown Mayor and City Council, Ranwell Jordan says the abysmal condition of Le Repentir and the possibility of erecting a crematorium has been a topic of discussion within the council for some time. “Given the current state of Le Repentir Cemetery, we are very pleased to announce that the citizens of Georgetown will finally have a method of catering to their interment needs,” Ranwell says

He explains the new crematorium will offer ‘state of the art’ service. “We have long outlived the cemetery, there is often a problem to find space to bury the dead at that establishment but the new facility will not only relieve citizens of the burden of finding a place for burial but there will be special sections for preparations; where the dead will be bathe and clothed.”

Urns will be available for families who choose to keep the ashes of their loved ones. There will also be a special area for viewing the dead, where relatives can sit to mourn their loss.

The crematorium will also accommodate a Chapel, a Mosque and a Hindu temple. Councillor Jordan says a private investor, Dr Carl Niamatali, is behind the new venture.