Haiti needs cash

By Gerald V. Paul

Doctors and Nurses of Jericho Mobil Clinic treat villagers in rural Haiti
Doctors and Nurses of Jericho Mobil Clinic treat villagers in rural Haiti

Dr. Eric Pierre, Honorary Consul General of Haiti, is looking for money, as he leads  a Caribbean group in Toronto, seeking to help rebuild Haiti in the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew.

And he pointed out that apart from cash, there is a great need for medical supplies and equipment.

Members of the community are asked  not to donate clothing .

The Caribbean aid group comprises Pierspective Entraide Humanitaire (PEH), The Caribbean Council Association of Canada,  theCaribbean Consular Corps,  and other community organizations.

Several strategy meetings  have  being held  and PEH’s Stanley Lilavois’was tasked with contacting  the Office of the Mayor of Port-au-Prince to establish a hub for financial donations  with specific instructions on where the money should go and how it should be used.

Pierre told The Caribbean Camera on Monday that “the emphasis is on grassroots connection with the people so that the money can reach those who need it most. ”

Pierre  is calling for community support to provide direct assistance to the people  and to make their contributions to their GoFundMe campaign. Deposit a cheque at TD Bank or mail cheques to PEH.

Meanwhile, Keteline Pierre of Jericho Mobile Clinic in Haiti also spoke of the urgent  need for cash.

She told The Caribbean Camera  that Clinic which is providing medical services to people in the country needs to buy things like medical supplies and food.

” We recently went to a location where we had 85 bags of rice for 150,000 people.,” she said

” One of the other disturbing things is that our women ,young and old alike, are now suffering from virginal infections from just washing themselves,” she reported.

            She said that his week  the Jericho Mobile Clinic team is in Bainet providing free medical help.

” Then we will be moving into the hills to see what we can do for the people there.”

            Person wishing to make a donation to  Jericho Mobile Clinic can contact the organization at jerichomobileclinic.org