Haiti seeks enhanced cooperation with Canada to develop health care system

Prime Minister Joseph Jouthe and Canadian Ambassador to Haiti Stuart Savage

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti – Haiti is seeking to strengthen its health system by developing enhanced cooperation with Canada.

This was one topic discussed during a meeting between Prime Minister Joseph Jouthe and the Canadian Ambassador accredited to Haiti, Stuart Savage.

During the recent meeting, Savage said he was open to any request from the Haitian Government relating to the consolidation and extension of its body of health workers, the need for equipment for health infrastructure in the country.

He stressed that synergy must be developed in order to provide proportional responses to the fight against the coronavirus pandemic.

Jouthe informed Savage that Haiti had already placed orders for more than 400 tonnes of medical equipment and he hopes to acquire powerful sprayers for disinfecting urban spaces.

The Prime Minister also informed the Canadian diplomat that steps were underway with the Minister of Finance to open a solidarity account intended to collect funds from donors, the private sector and citizens wishing to help the country to face the health crisis in which the country engages.

He also mentioned, among other things, the program of distributing food kits to the most vulnerable people in society.