Haiti’s former president Martelly banned from carnival in Jacamel and Gonaives

Michel Martelly aka Sweet Micky

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti -Former Haiti’s president Michel Martelly, aka Sweet Micky, has been banned from performing at carnival in the cities of Jacmel and Gonaives.

Both cities have banned Sweet Micky. the former president’s gyrating alter-ego from performing at their carnivals after religious leaders, feminists and human rights groups launched a protest of Martelly’s participation in the carnivals, following his performance last month.

At that time, Martelly reportedly dropped F-bombs, insulted the audience’s mothers and used raunchy language as he lashed out at two prominent journalists and a human rights activist.

The mayor of Jacmel, Marky Kessa, has since accused Haiti’s central government of punishing the city for its decision to ban Sweet Micky, saying that the bank told his office that a $109,340 government check can’t be cashed until two days after its carnival – because of an unspecified processing problem.

The money is part of $156,200 the central government had promised to provide to help subsidize the city’s pre-Lenten celebration, which is widely known for its artistry and takes place every year, a week before Haiti’s National Carnival.

Martelly, the self-appointed president of konpa, Haiti’s dominant musical sound , rose to political success through his music and is known both for his socially conscious lyrics imploring Haitians to rise up and his frank discourse from the stage, often laced with profanity.