Happy birthday to the Caribbean Camera

Letter from the Publisher

Happy birthday to the Caribbean Camera

Dear Readers,

Anthony Joseph

On Sunday, June 6, The Caribbean Camera celebrate was 31 years old.

Started in 1990, The Caribbean Camera started in the offices of Toronto Lawyer Sam Sahoye and grew to become an important voice serving our community.

Although I was not with the paper when it started, I heard many stories of the hard work and dedication of people such as Kiffayette Mohammed and Raynier Maharaj when I joined the paper in 1993.

We are eternally grateful for the sacrifices they made.

Three years ago I spoke about outsiders disguising themselves as Caribbean community publishers hell bent on trying to kill off the legitimate Black and Caribbean-owned media outlets. Sad to say that things have not changed; even as we witness the murder of George Floyd and the emergence of Black Lives Matter Black, people are still supporting white people in their quest to control the Black narrative; and they are supported them with their time and money.

The Caribbean Camera has been happy to be the voice of the Caribbean community not just for Blacks but for all Caribbean people.

We are proud to note that we have published without missing a single week over the last 31 years; although since the start of COVID 19 we have had to publish as an E-Paper in early stage of the pandemic. With the partial opening of the society, we have continued the weekly E-Paper while printing every other week.

Thanks to our readers for sticking with us. Your loyalty is not taken for granted and it is our pleasure to have served you for the past 31 years and hope to continue to do so for many years to come.