Happy sweet 100, Gladys

Gladys Saunders at her 100th birthday party. By Gerald V. Paul
Gladys Saunders at her 100th birthday party.
By Gerald V. Paul

Trinidad and Tobago-born Gladys Myrtle Saunders was in good company recently as she gracefully enjoyed turning a sweet 100 years, a long, happy and full life.
She credits her family and friends along with a kind heart and sharing love and building bridges as some of the things that keep her going.
Gladys is known for her independence as she maintains an immaculate home, still up and about with her daily activities including attending two seniors’ groups meetings, a weekly tai chi and – wait for it – line dancing!
There is also church every Sunday for fellowship and worship.
“I love attending the service since I was in Trinidad,” she said.
And travel is still on her mind. She said she has enjoyed visiting various countries and learn from their culture.
She recalled her father serving as headmaster of the school known as the Akal School and said for the future of young people, education is a must.
She said she also spent time at home, engaged in dress making and in building her family.
She married at a young age and was blessed with five children and several grandchildren and great-grandchildren.
Small wonder the community came out in Mississauga to wish her all the best as she gets ready for whatever experiences are still to come in her second century of life.