Hassan Phills: from Scarborough to stardom

Hassan Phills

Nestled in the cozy ambiance of a Toronto espresso bar, the towering figure of Hassan Phills commands attention. Standing at 6’3″ and adorned in earth-toned attire, Phills exudes a charismatic charm that captivates all who encounter him, his smile reminiscent of Magic Johnson’s, gleaming through his beard.

With a staggering 67,000 followers on Instagram and 80,000 on TikTok, Phills has masterfully fused his infectious smile, witty banter, and cosmopolitan narratives into a performance that feels like an exclusive inside joke shared with his audience. His brainchild, Eidiot Mubarak, a post-Ramadan comedy series, recently celebrated its third anniversary with a triumphant show at the prestigious Elgin and Winter Garden Theatre Centre, playing to a packed audience of 1,200 eager fans.

However, Phills’ journey to success was anything but straightforward. Hailing from Scarborough, Ontario, his initial aspirations leaned towards a career in basketball. Following his dreams, he ventured to the west coast, playing for the Capilano University Blues. Yet, amidst the grind of his senior year, a newfound passion began to blossom—comedy.

As fate would have it, Phills found himself at a crossroads, torn between his love for basketball and the burgeoning world of comedy. Initially attempting to juggle both pursuits, he soon realized the inherent challenge in balancing the demands of both passions.

A pivotal moment arose when Phills secured a brief spot opening for British-Jamaican comedian Harry “White Yardie” Gregory during his Vancouver tour. Seizing the opportunity, Phills hustled to extend his comedic reach, even borrowing funds for travel expenses to open for Gregory in Calgary and Edmonton.

Following years of honing his craft in Vancouver, Phills returned to Toronto in late 2020, where he found himself gaining traction in the local stand-up scene. However, it was a fortuitous encounter with JoyBox Media that propelled him into the digital realm, where his comedic prowess found a global audience.

Transitioning some of his act online proved to be a game-changer, with Phills’ relatable musings on identity and cultural nuances resonating deeply with viewers. Drawing from his experiences within Toronto’s diverse tapestry, Phills’ perceptive humor navigates themes of ethnicity, religion, and societal interactions with finesse.

The exponential growth of his online presence not only facilitated numerous comedy tours across Canada but also paved the way for the expansion of Eidiot Mubarak. Initially a modest endeavor, the series has blossomed into a cultural phenomenon, with Phills’ community of supporters rallying behind him every step of the way.

From humble beginnings in a cramped venue to headlining at the esteemed Elgin and Winter Garden Theatre Centre, Phills’ journey epitomizes the power of perseverance and the ability to find humor in life’s intricacies. As he continues to spread laughter and camaraderie, Phills remains steadfast in his mission to celebrate the shared experiences that unite us all.