Hilarious play “Honey Moon” coming to Toronto

By Tashia Antoine

Comedian and Roots Theatre actress, Andrea Wright will resume the beloved role of “Delcita Coldwater” in her critically-acclaimed new production, “Honey Moon”.

Delcita and Patchie

Starring Delcita and Patchie, Honey Moon already has Jamaica in stitches and is soaring to new heights with outstanding reviews as the show hits local and international stages across the Caribbean, and North America.

The inspiration and backbone of the play comes from a somewhat recent and familiar story to most Jamaicans which truly took place in the area of Christiana, Manchester, where over 100 persons from the community were bamboozled in a visa/work-program scam; the scam offered its victims the opportunity to permanently relocate and work in Canada. Wright, intrigued by this expose`, did Facebook videos surrounding the incident.

The rising popularity of the story combined with the videos, prompted the birth of the explosive, yet suspense-filled play, Honey Moon. The embellished version of the story, solely written and directed by Andrea Wright, loosely touches on the trials and tribulations of the victims who in many cases sold their homes and personal possessions under the impression that they could legally migrate to Canada and follows the tumultuous love story of Patchie and Delcita.

This thrilling new romantic comedy resonates not only with Jamaicans but speaks to the entire Caribbean community touching on strong topics that include social commentary, female empowerment, relationships and the power of love. Playwright, Andrea Wright, who is also a well-respected teacher and guidance counselor, found it imperative to write a script that would not only make audiences laugh but have them seriously reflect on the ups and downs of life.

Speaking to the Caribbean Camera, Wright said that her ultimate passion is to entertain, educate and, more importantly, force a ‘Conscious Attack’ where viewers ponder the underlying insights within the stories of her thought-provoking plays.

Wright, who was born in the country-side of Clarendon, attributes the reason for the success of her character Delcita (created in 1996 by writer, Paul O. Beale, when she appeared in the play “Mr Dweet Nice”) to totally injecting her heart, soul and a splash of her country upbringing into the witty, outspoken, and fearless persona that has now become an iconic character in Jamaican comedy.

Wright and her cast are excited to launch the three (3) day Canadian debut of Honey Moon starting September 27th at Ajax High School in Durham, September 28th, at Chinguacousy High in Brampton, and two shows on September 29th at the JCA (Jamaican Canadian Centre) in Toronto.

Wright, undoubtedly considered one of the most powerful actresses in the Caribbean theatre-scene, looks forward to the rest of her North-American tour with stops in New York, New Jersey, Texas, Florida and more. She remains tremendously grateful for the overwhelming support especially from her Canadian fans over the years.

Honey Moon is a funny, colourful, must-see play with twists and turns to keep audiences on their toes. Tickets start at $35.00 and may be purchased at JN Money and other ticket outlets and online at ticketgateway.com or delcitaevents.com.