Holness: Jamaica to be centre of Caribbean

New PM Andrew Holness at his swearing in ceremony.
New PM Andrew Holness at his swearing in ceremony.

KINGSTON, Jamaica – In his inaugural address, Prime Minister Andrew Holness said his vision is to make Jamaica the centre of the Caribbean.
Speaking after being appointed last Thursday by Governor-general Sir Patrick Allen on the lawns of King’s House in St. Andrew and taking the title ‘The Most Honourable’ after being conferred with the Order of the Nation, Holness said geographically Jamaica is the centre of the Caribbean.
However, the prime minister’s vision is to “truly make Jamaica the centre of the Caribbean” – a centre for finance, trade and commerce, arts, culture and lifestyles, among several other areas.
The new PMr said this can be achieved “in our lifetime.
“My dream is to fulfil your dream. We must create a Jamaica where there is hope and opportunity, where we can encourage our children to dream big …” Holness said.
Holness insisted that Jamaicans must start now as it is a “time for partnership, time for action.”
Holness won a one-seat majority in Parliament after a tense recount following the general election.
In Toronto, the Jamaican Canadian Association (JCA) in a news release said it “would like to extend its warmest congratulations” to Holness and members of his newly elected caucus.
“On behalf of our members and the Jamaican Diaspora in Canada, the JCA congratulates the people of Jamaica on a successful election and commends all candidates and nominees.
“The Jamaican Canadian Association looks forward to a continued prosperous relationship between the Jamaican and Canadian governments, their nationals, and Jamaican expats in Canada.”