How "We Day" is changing the world

By Shyreen Ramsumair


Last Friday’s We Day at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto was spectacular! It was one of the best things that has ever happened to me! The speeches and performances were so touching and inspirational.

Before I get started I think I should explain what We Day is exactly. Well, We Day is a concert that raises awareness about poverty, child labour, racism,bullying, etc. from around the world. The only way to get tickets to this concert is through service. You cannot purchase tickets. I got to go because a very kind teacher at my school wrote about how the students deserve the tickets and the foundation gave our school 15 tickets.

We Day had great performers and very inspiring speakers. For example, Demi Lovato, Austin Mahone, The Jonas Brothers, Martin Luther King III, Spencer West, Molly Burke, Michael “Pinball Clemons”, etc.

Craig and Marc Kielburger were also there because they came up with The Free The Children Foundation which made We Day happen. Marc and Craig were only 12 at the time when they thought that they wanted to change the world. They proved that it doesn’t matter how old you are to make a difference and they elaborated on this when they did their speeches. They did an amazing job and The Free the Children Foundation and We Day wouldn’t be anywhere without them.

The first performance was by the Jonas Brothers and they did an amazing job when they sung their single “PomPoms.” Joe Jonas also had some words to say about We Day. He talked about the important changes people can make if they just try. Many of the performers had things to say about themselves or about problems that have happened in the world. Demi Lovato was one of my favourites because she talked about her experience of when she went to Africa for her 21st birthday that had just passed. She also had an amazing performance of her songs “Neon Lights” and “Skyscraper.”

One of the most touching speeches was Molly Burke’s. Many may not know who she is but she is a powerful speaker that almost got the whole stadium to tears with her personal life speech. Molly Burke talked about when she had just lost her eyesight and started to get bullied. “Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me.” She repeated this sentence whenever someone called her names. “Loser!” they all said. Once again “sticks and stones.” Until one night when everything changed. It was her 14th birthday and some people said they wanted to sleepover, she thought to herself that she finally got her friends back. She was wrong. They did a makeover on her. It wasn’t just any regular makeover. Whip cream on her hair, loser written across her face. She realized that day that words do hurt. She came across a teacher that had changed her life who helped her and taught her how to stand up to bullying.  By this time in the stadium she got a standing ovation for her life changing speech. She had just taught the audience how to standup to bullying. At least a quarter of the audience in the stadium were being bullied in their lives and Molly Burke had just given them hope.

Another amazing speaker was Vishal Vijay who spoke about child labour, specifically about Iqbal Masih. Iqbal Masih was sold by his parents to a child labouring company who manufactured carpets. At that time his parents were very poor and would do anything to get money, in this case sell their child. Well, Iqbal hated it so much that one night he escaped and he raised so much awareness to child labour that most of the child labourers in Pakistan had to release the children. Sadly, one night Iqbal got assassinated. That didn’t stop anyone. Now even more people bring awareness to child labour around the world. Everyone that believes in themselves can change the world and that is exactly what We Day teaches people about.

We Day is always going to be inspiring young people to change the world. By joining The Free The Children foundation you are committing to change this world and stop the cruelty some people bring. So please help out and join some clubs, volunteer at charities, donate food and money to local food banks, charities, and homes. We Day, Be The Change.


Shyreen, 13, is a Grade 8 student of Trinidadian heritage at the Henry Kelsey Snr. Public School in Toronto