Canadian woman charged with manslaughter in death of Belizean police officer


Jasmine Hartin

BELMOPAN  – A court has denied bail to Jasmine  Hartin. a Canadian national who has been charged with manslaughter by negligence in the shooting death of Superintendent Henry Jemmott on May 28 last.

Senior Counsel Godfrey Smith told the media that his client was denied bail and remains in police custody, pending remand to the Central prison in Hattieville.

Hartin, 32, was arraigned in the San Pedro Magistrate’s Court on May 31 last on the charge of manslaughter.

She is the partner of the son of British magnate, Lord Ashcroft .

Hartin was taken into police custody on Saturday May 29 last after the body of the police officer was discovered on a pier in the resort town of San Pedro.

According to official reports, the accused and the deceased were on a dock in front of Mata Rocks Beach Resort south of the town during the early hours of the morning when a single shot was heard. The single bullet from Jemmott’s service weapon caught him behind the right ear. His body was discovered in the water beside the dock. Hartin was found with blood on her clothes and hands.

“We cannot say we have a clear understanding of what happened because we were not there. The only two persons who could have said that to us would have been the deceased and Miss Hartin. You will know that the deceased is dead. He cannot speak for himself; dead man carries no tale. Miss Hartin had given her version of what she said transpired,” the Commissioner said.