Humber: a hospital of caring and care

By Gerald V. Paul.
Picture this: A da Vinci surgical robot assisting in the operating rooms, resulting in less pain, a shorter hospital stay, and a quicker recovery, or a bed that helps to monitor your vital signs. Then imagine entering through one of the nine Portals of Care with one-stop registration, significantly reduced waiting room time and a walk of less than 30 feet to your clinic.

Gerald Paul
Gerald Paul

While the new Humber River Hospital, HRH, – 1.8 million sq. ft. -will receive over 140,000 emergency patients a year, when you arrive you’ll feel like you are the only one. Welcome to Humber River Hospital, it’s all yours.

The new HRH is going to be North America’s first fully digital hospital when it opens in the Fall of 2015. But right now, they need your help to finish this world –class health facility. The cost? $56.25 million! They are aiming to raise $225 million from the private sector and the community at large.

“Your new HRH experience, including opportunity to order in your food and jobs for trades people, will be one of unparalleled respect and compassion, where you will be treated with dignity by people who have dedicated their lives to health care. And where some of the most advanced medical technology in North America will be available,” an enthused Heather Hurst, President/CEO Humber River Hospital Foundation told The Camera last Monday.

And according to William Inch, Doner? “There’s never been a hospital like this one,”
Yes, Eyesers, the new Humber River Hospital is going to revolutionize healthcare in Canada and your support is vitally important. “Please help us realize the dream of Patient Care Reinvented, for you, your family and generations to come”, said Hurst.

Aspen Grove is of multi-coloured graphic glass that graces the north and south sides of the new building, nestled . Embraced by many cultures, Aspen Grove is a symbol of unity and strength through diversity. This art glass installation celebrates their connection with their patience and their community; each diverse member is a part of the larger entity, joined together for the benefit of all.

Hurst said they need your help to finish the job. We are asking you to imagine tomorrow and get involved today.

Here are some of the ways you can contribute to the future of patient care in Canada:
Sign up on line to receive their newsletter ‘Edge’ and track their building progress.
Arrange an HRH Foundation presentation for your company or organization.
Donate by making a one-time contribution or a series of donations over time.

So, Eyesers, let’s get involved today and help the HRH team to finish the job. and 416-658-2001