Independent authors and books worth reading

Check out these independent authors and books

By Yolanda Marshall


Savage Poetry

Savage Poetry

Written by Shiloh Justice aka Janiece McIntosh, a superb Canadian author and poet.

“Savage Poetry takes place in the Amazonian jungles of Guyana, Brazil and Venezuela as poet and author Shiloh Justice reflects on the savagery and beauty of living, loving and life.” – Independently published, 2023.

Felicity Finds A Bag of Feelings

Felicity Finds A Bag of Feelings

Written by Asheanna Baksh and Romona Naraine. This wonderful book is illustrated by Alex Brissenden.

One night, Felicity went to sleep and woke up in . . . the JUNGLE. Knowing she was far away from home, she stumbled upon a golden bag filled with many colourful orbs. What could these possibly be for?… she thought as they tumbled away from her. It’s up to Felicity to find the orbs and get them back in the bag, but how? Meeting new jungle friends, getting wet in rivers, crawling in caves, and soaring through trees helps Felicity understand the importance of the orbs, but can she find them all? Follow Felicity and her new friends on an adventure and explore the jungle’s most sacred secrets! Alongside its playful language and illustrations, Felicity Finds A Bag of Feelings draws on the importance of exploring big emotions and shared experiences and introduces helpful coping strategies. Like Felicity, children are also unaware of how to manage their emotions. This book provides interactive ways for parents to introduce and model positive self-talk, grounding techniques, strengths, and confidence-building.” – Tiny Minds Books, 2021.

Don’t Count Me Out

Don’t Count Me Out – a Story on Building Self-Esteem

Written by Tonneil Levene, an author and motivational speaker.

This book will introduce you to a plus-size beauty who goes through the same things you do every day. She’s talented, smart and popular. However, she can’t see her true qualities because deep down inside… she doesn’t LOVE herself. This is the sad reality for many of us. Nyla doesn’t believe that she can sing because she doesn’t look like all the singers on television. With a strong support system and daily positive affirmations, Nyla found the courage and self-confidence to push through her difficult moments to reach her ultimate goals. She found her inner superstar! When you believe in yourself, you can accomplish anything. You are a superstar. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.” – Independently published, 2022.


The Universe Within Me

The Universe Within Me: Affirmations for Each Chakra

Written by Kabrena L Robinson, a talented Jamaican Canadian author and journalist. This book is beautifully illustrated by Kedar ArtbyAncient Davis.

The Universe Within Me is an inspiring children’s picture book with affirmations for each chakra to help young minds tap into their unlimited potential and the magic within.

These powerful poetic affirmations coupled with vivid imaginative illustrations, will take both parents and their young ones on a journey toward self-empowerment and inner peace.” – Eva-Michelle & Family Publishing, 2023.




Little Proud and Her Crown

Little Proud and Her Crown

Written by Binta Wague, a talented storyteller born in France and now resides in Canada. This book is illustrated by Carlos Victor.

Little Proud is a 5-year-old beautiful girl, whose mother delights in doing her hair every Saturday until one day when she refuses to follow through with the ritual. Wanting to justify her act and escape the comments of her comrades, Little Proud unveils the reason for her refusal. How will Little Proud’s mother make her change her mind and explain to her that her difference is wealth? Will Little Proud ever do her hair again?” – Éditions Touana.


I Am A King

I Am A King

Written and illustrated by Keonte Beals, an award-winning Canadian R&B singer and author from Nova Scotia.

Come along with young Shamar as he and his dad take you on a journey through what it means to be a king. This book targets toxic masculinity and softens how we think about father-son relationships. Young men must know their feelings are valid and real, and there is safety in knowing women will acknowledge that as well. We’ve all been socialized to believe that specific traits are what makes a man. Black and brown communities suffer especially from this stigma, and we can’t change this unless we talk about it. Together, we’re slowly but surely breaking down the walls of toxic masculinity for men of colour.” – KBeals Entertainment, 2022.




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