New Canadian books and book launches you shouldn’t miss!

By Yolanda T. Marshall

The Kids Book of Black History in Canada

The Kids Book of Black History in Canada

Written by Rosemary Sadlier and illustrated by Arden Taylor.

An important and comprehensive exploration of 400 years of Black history in Canada. This narrative journey through Black history in Canada begins with the arrival in 1604 of Mathieu Da Costa, the first known African in the country. It continues through the Black Lives Matter movement and the fight for social justice. A one-of-a-kind book, it contains inspiring and thought-provoking stories of the people involved in Canada’s legacy of slavery, the Black Loyalist and Exoduster movements, the Underground Railroad, and the fight for civil rights. Separate from the chronological history, the book also examines key issues that have affected the lives of Black Canadians, including slavery, racism and prejudice, and representation. The definitive children’s guide to Black history in Canada, this book is an essential update to the bestselling and award-winning The Kids Book of Black Canadian History, first published in 2003. With informative and engaging text, author Rosemary Sadlier honours the proud history of Black Canadians on every page. Sidebars with interesting facts, quotations and profiles of historical figures appear throughout the book, making this a perfect fit for social studies lessons on Canadian heritage and history. The back matter includes six pages of profiles of important Black figures in the arts, sciences, sports, politics and more, as well as a glossary of key terms and an index. Redesigned for a new generation of readers featuring Arden Taylor’s contemporary style using blocks of colour and vivid illustrations, this book is a must-have resource for every classroom and library across the country.” – Kids Can Press, June 2024.

The launch of this book will be held today, June 13th at Nile Valley Books located at 1921 Gerrard Street East, Toronto, ON. M4L-2C2, from 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm.

Two Times Removed Volume III

Two Times Removed Volume III: An Anthology of Indo-Caribbean Futures

Stories written by: Steven Ahmad, Tiara Jade Chutkhan, Nandani Devi, Sujaya Devi, Halima Hussein, Joshua Timothy Jaipaul, Michael Jodah, Nievana Judisthir, Jamie Langford, Nalini Mahadeo, Shivanie Mangal, Alexis McCormack, Chandra Persaud, Savita Prasad, Vashtie Ragbir, Andrea Ramautar, Cynthia and Reshma Ramkellawan, Santoecha Rangai, Aneesa Rasheed, Dev Ramsawakh, Jennifer Ross, and Michelle Shurland. Cover art by Chelsi Bhagan.

A Thought Provoking Collection of Stories Bound to Be Passed Down for Generations to Come.

What can be made possible when we meld the old with the new? When we sift through the old ways, the traditions and values that raised us, and reframe those ideas through fresh perspectives. When we take the beautifully familiar and transform it into new memories and histories. With just over a century post-indenture behind us, the Indo-Caribbean community is beginning a new chapter, one that pays homage to the past and looks to nurture the future with love, acceptance, and healing. In its third and final volume, the authors of Two Times Removed leave nothing behind, speaking to the future of Indo-Caribbean culture through universal themes of healing generational trauma, dialogues around mental health, family relationships, personal growth and confronting the past. Through 22 new voices in Indo-Caribbean literature, we are reminded of the vulnerability that comes with leading change in our community and the resilience of a people twice removed.” – Bookworm Publishing, May 2024.

Sweetness in the Skin

Sweetness in the Skin: A Novel

Written by Ishi Robinson.

A delicious debut novel about a young Jamaican girl who tries to bake her way to a better life in France. Pumkin Patterson lives in a tiny two-room house in Kingston, Jamaica, with her grandmother, who wants to improve the family’s social standing; her Aunt Sophie, who wants to take Pumkin with her to a new life in Paris; and her mother, Paulette, who wants to keep her at home out of spite. When Aunt Sophie decides to move to France for work, she promises to send for her niece in one year. All Pumkin has to do is pass her French entrance exam so she can attend school there. But when Pumkin’s grandmother dies—the household’s fortunes take a turn for the worse. Somehow, Pumkin must find a way to raise the money to take her French exam. In a moment of ingenuity, she decides to turn her passion for baking into a true business. Selling batches of sweet potato pudding, coconut drops and chocolate cakes, Pumkin begins raising the money she needs. But when her mother finds out that Pumkin wants to leave, she does all she can to sabotage her daughter’s plans.” – HarperAvenue, April 2024.

A Different Booklist presents the launch of this book on June 23rd at 918 Bathurst Centre for Culture, Arts, Media & Education at 6:30 pm.

Please support local bookstores, such as A Different Booklist, Nile Valley Books and Knowledge Bookstore.