Integrity : happiness… success… and then some

By Gerald V. Paul.
Welcome to holistic journalism: news business built on integrity. Integrity is essential to happiness and it is the key to success.
You see Eyesers, a person with integrity has the ability to make it happen no matter how challenging the circumstances.

Gerald Paul
Gerald Paul
Aristotle’s central ethical concept of an all-embracing “happiness”? It’s about doing what one ought to do, fulfilling one’s responsibilities and obligations is not counter but conducive to the good life, to becoming the sort of person one wants to become- which presumably includes, to a very large extent, what one does “for a living – is what happiness is all about.

And according to a classic joke: “Integrity. If you can fake that, you’ve got it made.” The joke is that integrity cannot be faked- like an organism? Oops!- It is, by its very nature, the real thing –baby!
For example, hypocrisy stands at direct odds with integrity. Say what? No, that was not a bribe; that was a token of my appreciation- like Shaggy, you know, it wasn’t him- for services already rendered.

Eyesers, being “true to self” is more than buzz words. This is why it is essential that our “public” and our personal sense of integrity fit together as unity, for consistency requires something more than fidelity to a single, selfish goal. But integrity is being “true to oneself”, it does indeed follow (as Polonius preaches) that you will be true to others as well.

Eyesers, thanks for huddling with us all these glorious years in this work of faith and labour of love in the new vision, mission and values built on….integrity!
Let’s make it happen.