Iqaluit councillor resigns over social media post about Black Lives Matter

Malaiya Lucassie

IQALUIT, Nunavut — An Iqaluit city councillor has resigned over comments she made on social media about the Black Lives Matter movement.

At a meeting  last week, city council unanimously passed a motion calling for the resignation of Malaiya Lucassie who issued a statement shortly after, saying she would resign immediately.

Her resignation comes after Lucassie’s father, Nunavut legislature member Patterk Netser, made a Facebook post last week criticizing Black women for having abortions. Soon after, the premier stripped Netser of his cabinet portfolios.

Lucassie commented on her father’s Facebook post. She said “all lives matter” and questioned why there wasn’t a similar movement to Black Lives Matter for Indigenous people.

In her statement, Lucassie apologized to the Black community for her comments.

“The city has portrayed me as an Inuk with a racist attitude. Please note that I am not against anyone or the BLM movement. I support and understand the movement as a member of a minority,” she wrote.

“All I tried to say and sorry if it was misinterpreted is, why did we not have anything done for the lives of Inuit that have been murdered, raped, and abused? Why was there no such movement?”

She also said minorities “are often told to keep our mouths shut.”