Is love just a weighting game?

As always the opinions in this article are mine and mine alone. Who am I?  Just your average So n So.

Dear So N So. My girlfriend used to be a 10. Now she's a 100. She gained so much weight I am losing attraction. What should I do? Signed Mr. Have We Met?
Dear So N So. My girlfriend used to be a 10. Now she’s a 100. She gained so much weight I am losing attraction. What should I do? Signed Mr. Have We Met?


Well, Mr. Have We Met, this subject definitely has a lot of meat on the bones, deserves a well-rounded response and can lean heavy on the heart. This will be difficult because as always there are factors that need to be addressed.

First and foremost, is she pregnant or was she pregnant recently. If so sir I personally would love to meet you so I can shake your hand with my left and poke you in the eye with my right.

If that is the case go apologize for being a donkey (ass), say sorry and rub her feet. For you, sir, this article is over. PLEASE FOLD BACK THE PAPER AND WALK AWAY … SLOWLY.

If she is gaining weight because of eating habits or stress the blame may actually be on you. What kind of food do you bring in the house, where does she work or maybe you cause her stress. Look within yourself to see if you may be the root of the situation and adjust accordingly.

WAIT! EEK!!!! PAUSE! Have you gained weight as well? Maybe you need to check yourself ‘cause maybe the attraction on her side has fallen as well.

If you have maintained yourself then the only thing left to do is talk directly with her. Tell her what you think because inside that 100 is still the 10 you met.

When you talk to her, encourage her. Ask her about an outfit she used to wear that is gaining cobwebs in the closet. Say, ‘Remember when we went out to (insert destination where she wore the outfit and don’t make a mistake – that backhand is swift)” and tell her you want to recreate that moment. Ask her to put it on.

If she can’t fit tell her, ‘I’m taking you out and you’re wearing that. We gonna work together and that will be the reward. Teamwork makes the dream work’.

If she is willing it will add just another quality to why you found her attractive in the first place. If she says no, I’m good then it’s up to you to either stay or leave because you can’t help someone who gave up on herself.

Now she doesn’t have to change for you because you want her. She will do it for herself. If she’s like nah nah nah then by all means exit stage left. She is not the one for you. Make sure, though, ‘cause turning back may be harder than you think.

In the end the physical will always change; even you, Mr. Have We Met, will change. Yup, I see that bald spot on the back of your head – smooth. Change is gonna happen so enjoy change – you may change for the better.

Agree or disagree, it’s up to you. This is just the opinion of your average So n So.

P.S. Best believe some people like small fries while others supersize.