It’s time you got the backstory on calypso

Anslem Douglas

And you can do that when Anslem Douglas and Eddie Bullen get together at the Paradise Theater on Bloor Street in Toronto to bring you Calypso stories. 

Douglas is an award-winning calypsonian whose song Who Let The Dogs Out won a Grammy in 2001. The catchy song was sung by the Baha Men. Since then Douglas penning a children’s book.

In the recent past the Grammy winner has been performing around; now he was returned to Toronto, and has hooked up well-known pianist Eddie Bullen.

Bullen has been busy on tours to China and the US and, when in Toronto he performs with his son as “Dueling Pianos”.

Bullen said that he has been trying to get Anslem onside to do this for many years.

“It all started with a chance meeting with the Mighty Sparrow. I was listening to some of the back stories that Sparrow had about his career.

“One of the things that made him think was what Sparrow said,” Eddie added.

Eddie Bullen

“Sparrow said that his music was Calypso, but he always tried to emulate the diction of some of the great crooners like Bing Crosby.

“Sparrow had a long conversation with Harry Belafonte and found out about Belafonte’s relationship with calypso and calypsonian Lord Melody, and how that informed his life.”

Stories like that you will hear when you go to see the dynamic duo in action on Monday December 19th. Showtime is 8 p.m.

For more info call 647-889-5958 and remember town say “that by calypso all stories are told”