Jamaica National Expands its Expo in Canada

Carol Saunders-Hammond (right), director of Citizenship Services at the Passport Immigration and Citizenship Agency (PICA) speaks with patrons at PICA’s booth at the JN Group Expo held at the Pearson Convention Centre in Brampton.

“Connect. Learn. Grow.”  That’s the  theme of  this year’s Jamaica National (JN)  Group Expo to be held at the Pearson Convention Centre  in the Greater Toronto  Area on April 28  and  at Hotel Ruby Foo’s in Montreal on April 30.

The  JN  Group says  it was so overwhelmed by the success of its inaugural  exposition in Brampton,  Ontario  last year, that it is planning a “bigger  and better Expo” this year.

A news  release from  JN Group notes  that  more than 6,000  persons attended the first Expo which was” a one-­‐stop hub” for them to access the services of the Group, real estate developers, financial institutions and government agencies.

It says  that during the  Expo [last year], many Jamaicans and friends of Jamaica ” were delighted that they did not have to make a phone call, mail a document, or travel to the island to transact business or find out about investments in the country.

“They applied for Jamaican passports, land titles, birth certificates, or inquired about new housing developments. ”
This year’s organizers, Lynx Canada Foundation and JN Canada Representative Office, are promising  ” the same synergy which drew thousands to the Pearson Convention Center last year- but bigger and better,” according to the news release.

“The JN Expo Team is committed to continue to deliver tremendous value to the Jamaican Canadian Community and friends of Jamaica as we build on the pillars ‘Connect. Learn. Grow.’ and provide the best products and service essential for growth,” says Captain Samoura Mills, Operations and Planning Lead, Lynx Canada Foundation.

For more information, visit www.jnexpo.ca