Jamaica wins gold at Robotics Olympics in Singapore

Jamaica Robotics Team

In a remarkable display of talent and innovation, Jamaica’s robotics team secured the coveted Katherine Johnson Award for engineering documentation at the Robotics Olympics in Singapore. The event, which took place from October 7 to 10, witnessed Jamaica’s triumphant journey to victory in the field of robotics.

The Katherine Johnson Award, named after the renowned African-American mathematician Katherine Johnson, honors teams that demonstrate exceptional dedication and expertise in constructing their robotic creations. Katherine Johnson’s legacy includes her pivotal contributions to the aeronautics field, where her calculations played a crucial role in guiding astronauts John Glenn and Alan Shepard safely back to Earth from their space missions.

Leading the charge for Team Jamaica was Johnathan Smith, a student from Campion College, who captained the team. He was joined by Shawn-Michael Ferguson, another talented individual from Campion College, Duncan Stanley from Wolmer’s Boys’ School, Terrance Grant from Glenmuir High School, Kimmi Chan representing Hillel Academy, and Taeija-Lee Hall-Watts from The American International School in Kingston (AISK).

The triumphant moment did not go unnoticed by Jamaica’s leadership, as Prime Minister Andrew Holness took to his social media platforms to congratulate the victorious team. In his post, he expressed immense pride in their achievement, highlighting their dedication and hard work in the robot-building process.

Minister of Foreign Affairs Kamina Johnson Smith also praised the team’s remarkable accomplishment. Her tweet emphasized the untapped potential of Jamaican youth in various fields, showcasing the bright future that lies ahead. She extended her gratitude to the teachers and mentors who guided these young innovators to success.

Behind this exceptional achievement was the unwavering support of the United States-based non-profit organization, the UJAA (Union of Jamaica Alumni Association). Their sponsorship played a pivotal role in enabling Jamaica’s robotics team to shine on the international stage.

Jamaica’s triumph at the Robotics Olympics not only highlights the nation’s prowess in the field of robotics but also serves as an inspiration to the next generation of innovators. This victory demonstrates that with dedication, mentorship, and support, Jamaican talent can excel and make a mark on the global stage, solidifying their place in the world of robotics and technology.