Jamaica Xodus Carnival mas band launches for 2023 Carnival season 

Xodus Carnival 2023

Twas the first official band launch for the 2023 Carnival season, and patrons and stakeholders alike were rearing to get on bad.

Since Xodus Carnival and Bacchanal Jamaica dropped the plot twist for Carnival Road in March 2023, the costume reveal has been the talk of the town.

The general interest was evident from Saturday’s massive turnout at Mona Hockey Field in Kingston for the Xodus Carnival Sweet Treats x Bacchanal Jamaica Candy Land band launch.

“Unity is strength, and together we aim to make Jamaica the number one destination for Carnival in the world,” read a statement from Xodus Carnival Director Scott Dunn on the coalescence of two of Jamaica’s premier bands earlier this month.

Dunn’s fervour has not waned since. During an interview he stated that he was just as ecstatic as he was when the announcement was made.

Xodus Carnival
Xodus Carnival 2023

Amazing costumes, great fêtes, new ways to improve the distribution of costumes, a more efficient website – that should allow for ease of access when purchasing costumes – and new ideas for logistics are improvements to be expected for Road March 2023, according to Dunn.

Among the Sweet Treats and Candy Land designers on the ground at Saturday’s fête was Jessica Campbell, who’s no stranger to Carnival in Jamaica, yet “excited to be back on the road”.

“The energy is very high ’cuz we’ve been anticipating it for a really long time and creatively we put a lot of work into it…I know that Xodus is gonna do a really good job, as well as Bacchanal, and together we’re working on making it even better than before…” she said excitedly in an interview with Loop News following the reveal of her self-designed Honeydew and Icy costumes.

The 18-costume display for the 2023 Sweet Treats and Candy Land costumes are available for purchase at Xodus Carnival.