Jamaican company warns against ingesting bleach to cure COVID-19

Alfred Thomas

KINGSTON, Jamaica – One of the island’s leading bleach manufacturers, Pioneer Manufacturing Distribution Company Limited, producer and distributor of the Chloro-Do brand, is warning Jamaicans not to ingest bleach in an attempt to ward off the COVID-19 virus.

Managing director of Pioneer Alfred Thomas, said the product is safe when diluted and used for sanitation purposes, such as the wiping of commonly used spaces in homes and public areas.

“If swallowed, bleach can cause symptoms such as gagging; pain and irritation in the mouth and throat; pain, vomiting and possible burns in the oesophagus and stomach, while shock can appear within a few hours.

“If the symptoms are not treated immediately, permanent damage can be done to the gastrointestinal track and internal organs,” Thomas said.

The company executive also reiterated the warning printed on containers advising that bleach should be kept out of the reach of children and that purchasers should read directions carefully before use.

Thomas said until a cure is found for the COVID-19 virus, Jamaicans can protect themselves by staying home, practising social distancing, good respiratory etiquette, sanitising and washing hands frequently with soap and water, wipe commonly used spaces and wearing masks when in public.