Jamaican is Ocktoberfest Woman of the Year

By Sandra Mills

Paulet Biedermann

Author, Speaker and radio radio talk show host Paulet Biedermann is the first and only Caribbean native to win the Oktoberfest-Rogers TV woman of the year award. She was recognized for making significant long term contribution to her community and her country.

Biedermann won the Waterloo Region’s most prestigious award on October 9. She was selected from fifty eight nominees and was one of eight outstanding women from the region to receive this recognition.
Paulet Biedermann is an outstanding Canadian in every sense of the word: She is kind, caring, generous, altruistic and benevolent.

She volunteered for over 32 years since arriving from Jamaica in 1980. She gave thousands of hours to her community: prison, women shelters, schools, festivals, women clubs, minority training and adjustment board, Cultural Committee, Aids Committee, churches, community TV and Radio and various ethnic groups.

She strategically utilized these mediums to highlight and champion causes of marginalized groups. Her passion for helping women, youths, and the mentally ill, motivated her to create a radio talk show “Your Best You Show-Talking about things that matter to you!” Her goal is to highlight issues affecting minorities, marginalized and the vulnerable in her community: From Bullying and racism to challenges facing immigrant women to get certified in their trained fields.

Most recently, she was appointed president for the Cambridge chapter of Spelling Bee Canada. This is what she had to say following her appointment: “I have noticed that over the years and especially lately, black kids are under-represented in a lot of the educationally oriented activities. This is unacceptable; we know that the best way to elevate a people is via education. There are a lot of bright children out there who sometimes get lost along the way because no one notices their potential.”

Her mandate is to ensure the participation of as many kids as possible and in particular the black kids.