Jamaica’s tourism resilient corridors safe for visitors, say stakeholders


Jamaica’s tourism resilient corridors safe for visitors, say stakeholders

MONTEGO BAY, Jamaica — With the raging coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic impacting and taking a huge toll on almost every sector across Jamaica, the tourism resilient corridors have been an exception to the rule, stakeholders say.

So much so that some hoteliers are openly declaring that one of the safest places to be is “the inside of a resort where there are some strict and established protocols which have been keeping both our guests and staff safe and in line with the health and safety guidelines mandated by the Ministry of Health and Wellness”.

Visitor Relations Manager at the Jamaica Tourist Board (JTB), Andrea Savizon, said that as a part of the tourism restart efforts, the JTB has successfully launched its ‘Rediscover Jamaica’ promotion, where for the past nine months, thousands of Jamaicans have benefited from attractive rates to visit local hotels and attractions across the island.

“Not only is this a win-win for our Jamaicans wanting to enjoy their own country, but it greatly helps putting back many of our fellow Jamaicans to work in the tourism sector. But even more importantly, these fellow Jamaicans are now our greatest ambassadors to the fact that the COVID-19 mitigation protocols work,” she said.

The Ministry of Tourism mandated the creation of the Tourism Resilient Corridors, encompassing much of the northern coast, southern coast, and New Kingston.

In these corridors, tourism businesses must be certified by the Tourism Product Development Company (TPDCo) for having implemented, to the letter, all the COVID-19 prevention protocols with internal systems enhanced, with governmental surveillance and enforcement to ensure compliance.