Jasse McDonald says ‘ stay tuned’

Jasse McDonald

Remember Jasse McDonald ?

He used to be known as the golden  voice on the silver  network.

That was decades ago when he started his  broadcasting career on Redifussion  in his  native Trinidad.

McDonald, popularly known as JC,  still possesses” the golden voice ” and says he is getting ready to make a comeback in  broadcasting in Toronto.

A comeback after several decades “away from regular programming, night after night.”

“Well, I still do voice-overs and occasional gigs but I want to get back into a regular slot  doing what I do best,” he told The Caribbean Camera in a recent interview.

“And I have a few interviews lined up.”

From Left: Jasse with daughter Abigail and his brother Sir Trevor McDonald

Calypso fans in Toronto still remember his popular  late night program on CHIN -FM

“The program which I hosted went on  for several years.There was definitely a market for this kind of program and Caribbean people all over the  Greater Toronto Area tuned in as well as people in Niagara and  even Buffalo.”

” I certainly missed radio. I loved to  be casually dressed in my blue jeans sitting at the microphone in the studio enjoying the communication with a very active audience.”

He recalled that many people benefitted from his program through various fund-raising efforts. “Whether it was a flood in Jamaica or some other emergency,  I would put out an appeal for  funds and the audience  generally responded  positively. I certainly would like to do some more work in this area.”

Butl like so many people in the entertainment business, JC is ” waiting out”  the COVID-19 pandemic.

“At the moment I am  not auditioning for anything. But I am getting myself ready  to get back into the swing of things.”

“I defiinitely would like to get back into radio to try and bring some more happiness and joy into people’s lives.”

And has a message for people in Toronto’s Caribbean community.

“Stay tuned,” he says.