Far too often we criticize Hip Hop for the negative stereotypes it reinforces about our community and people of colour. But what about the other side? How do they do it so well. Can the work ethic,experience and talent it takes to do it be something we can all learn from.
Listen to Jay-z’s thoughts on being married and how it leads to success. Can a the girls on the dance floor booty clapping, fighting and cussing ever be considered marriage material base on his definition.
How do you spin a ghetto life style into and executive life style? The mans work ethic far exceeds most individuals white or black.
How do you make it in this business with all the back stabbing? Every one wants the stage and lights but no one wants to design the stage,set it up and tear it down after the concert. No most of us would rather go to the after party.
I’m not saying he is right on everything (Quite frankly I think he is a bit of a Hypocrite) but you still can’t help but respect the value he bring to understanding how hard you will need to work to attain success.