Jeffers: More to do in Ward 42

Municipal Election Profile

Ken Jeffers, right, at the opening of his Scarborough campaign office. (Jeffers 4th from left)
Ken Jeffers, right, at the opening of his Scarborough campaign office. (Jeffers 4th from left)

With a name and face synonymous with the Caribbean community, Trinidad and Tobago born Ken Jeffers says, “I have been serving our communities through access and diversity and Parks and Recreation in the City of Toronto. It’s time I take it to the next level as city councilor for Ward 42.”

The past chair of Caribana is a man on a mission: Reopen City Hall and bring back the services and programs that built the communities.

As a facilitator, Jeffers has worked with all high level government members including the previous five mayors to create easy access for communities to enforce positive change.

Jeffers said as councilor he will lead the fight to bring change to:

• Economic development: Encourage developers to re-energize real estate and inject investments into the community and local businesses;

• Transportation: Bring the subway to Scarborough and increase frequency of bus service;

• Youth: Establish youth training centres for career readiness;

• Seniors: Enact programs to provide quality services to the most vulnerable citizens;

• Community: Create collaborative solutions to unite diverse backgrounds of knowledge to build better and safer neighbourhoods.

Jeffers has counseled Black youth on probation, served on drug prevention committees and initiated several successful projects in high-priority neighbourhoods.

He introduced for the first time in North America time and training for Muslim women to enjoy swimming in public pools, as well as a program called Swim for It for diverse youth to become lifeguards for the city.