Jimmy Cliff releases ‘Life’

Jimmy Cliff in performance.

KINGSTON, Jamaica –  Reggae superstar Jimmy Cliff  released on Friday  his new single, Life, which will be made available to the public through iTunes and other downloadable formats.

Written by Jimmy Cliff and produced by Steven ‘Lenky’ Marsden, the song is an affirmation of life, and the awesome beauty of mere existence in a sometimes cold, hostile world. It is the lead single from the upcoming album of the I Can See Clearly Now singer.

“I wrote and sang Life. I know that Jamaicans will love it. That is the mood they want to be in, They are waiting on this song to uplift the spirit. I hope that this song will motivate the people, it has the same sentiments of a My Dream, or a Big Deal, a song to uplift and inspire,” Jimmy Cliff said.

The famous singer will be releasing a number of singles over the next couple of months. He has been working with talented producers like Othneil Lewis, aka ‘Ottey’, who produced the deeply sentimental Moving On.

Celebrated producer Clive Hunt produced eight singles for the singer’s upcoming album, including the gorgeously produced Oh My Goddess, and romantic ballads like Best of the My Love.