JN Money Services to host ‘breast cancer awareness’ session

Dr. Nadine Wong, CEO of Alabaster Wellness Clinic in Pickering, Ontario, will be the main speaker at a “breast cancer awareness” session to be hosted by  Jamaica National Money Services, a subsidiary of the Jamaica National Bank, on Thursday October 24.

Dr. Nadine Wong

This event, in observance of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, will be held at the Jamaica National Bank in Toronto, located at 1390 Eglinton Avenue West.

Among the other speakers who will address the “breast cancer awareness session” are Leila Springer, Co-Founder of the Olive  Branch of Hope, Letna Allen-Rowe, President and Founder of Ms Letna Healing Hope  and Woody Miller, an entrepreneur and chef who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer.

Organizers of the event have praised the efforts of the Jamaica National Bank and the Jamaica National Money Services in helping to promote breast cancer awareness “in such a significant manner.”

Letna Allen-Rowe
Leila Springer,