Joel “Connector” Davis creating an opportunity for artists to perform and build confidence

“Empowering Youth Showcase’’

By Lincoln DePradine 

Joel ‘Connector’ Davis

Recording artiste Joel Davis has garnered a measure of success performing in his Caribbean homeland, Trinidad, and winning the Calypso Monarch title of Canada.

Davis, popularly known as calypsonian “Connector’’, now is trying to ensure that young performers, whatever their talent and in whatever cultural field, are able to launch their careers with more confidence than he did, and to avoid the pitfalls that he encountered as a new and upcoming artiste.

For the third time, Davis – through his outfit known as “Connector Music’’ – is organizing an event for young performers.

His “Empowering Youth Showcase’’, which already has registration from more than 20 kids, will involve performances in areas such as soca and chutney singing; tap and African dancing; and instrument playing, including pan.

The showcase is Sunday, October 2. “It’s not a competition. It’s not a talent show. It’s just giving them that opportunity to face an audience,’’ Davis told The Caribbean Camera. “This is giving the youth an opportunity to perform and to build confidence.’’

Emilsa Sealy, who is assisting Davis in organizing and producing the event, said an important component is giving the youth participants “an outlet for their creative energies’’, and to “send them on a voyage of discovery to obtain material for their presentations’’.

Both Sealy and Davis are encouraging parental and public support for the event, which has an entrance fee of $10.

“Your contribution and presence for this valuable cause will be appreciated,’’ Sealy said.

According to Davis, all money collected will be distributed among the artistes, who will be performing as individuals and also in groups. Some of them are below the age of 10.

“I’m giving them a platform and any money raised I give it to all the performers, letting them know they’re worth something. This money is for them,’’ David stressed.

“It’s a diverse group of kids and, from the event, participants could decide if they really like what they’re doing in the arts, and if they will continue. What I gain from this is making sure that these kids are happy and I want people to come out and support them,’’ he added. “This is something dear to my heart and I take pride in doing it.’’

The October 2 “Empowering Youth Showcase’’ will be held 3 pm – 7 pm at Twilight Family Restaurant, 55 Nugget Avenue, Scarborough.

For more information, call 647-778-1866 or 647-554-7678.