John Tory takes the helm!

Our resounding congratulations go out to John Tory, the new mayor of our capital city.

He will now have to build a large network of relationships with the broad spectrum of communities and of social, economic and political segments that make up our very heterogeneous society.

It was always clear that large segments of the electorate would not vote for Doug Ford, the Royal Regent of Etobicoke. In fact, it was also generally agreed that even Rob Ford, the current Monarch of that Royal Family, would have had to climb a steep hill in order to be re-elected to a second term as mayor. We unhesitatingly wish the outgoing mayor a speedy and lasting return to excellent health.

There was also widespread speculation that Olivia Chow would be significantly deprived of the support of the trade union members, her own NDPers, the immigrant communities and the supporters of the Liberal Party.

To whom much is given, much is expected. So our new mayor’s electoral victory brings with it a huge moral responsibility to fulfill the “great expectations” of the residents of Canada’s largest city.

His two top priorities must be to make a success of the transportation portfolio and to reverse the disastrous reality of chronic unemployment and under-employment. In pursuing these two priorities, he will do well to improve the dire situation of our young people and our new immigrants.

But – and there is always a “but” – what are we going to do with John Tory’s electoral victory?

The Caribbean Camera has consistently taken the position that we must not expect our leaders to do everything that needs to be done. They cannot achieve our collective goals by themselves.

We have to help ourselves and to help them to help us. So it is our responsibility to take full advantage of the very attributes for which we have elected John Tory.

Let us use John’s respectful and consensus-building approach to get a balanced, responsible and financially sound package of policies and programs debated and approved by City Council. John is not arrogant and he accepts that in a non-party forum such as city council it will not always be his preferred plans that will be approved, but rather the plans favored by the majority of councilors, with whom he must consult and negotiate.

Let us call on John’s leadership and managerial skills to get approved policies and programs put into action.

The availability of adequate funding is a key factor in securing action and concrete successes in such areas as education, health, transport, research and innovation, and environmentally sustainable industrial development.

Of the three main candidates in this election, John Tory is the one best placed to obtain the cooperation of the provincial and federal governments in sharing the financial burden of implementing some of the policies, programs and projects that we cannot afford on our own.

Again, congratulations, John. We look forward to working with you.