Josh Liendo looking to Paris 2024 Olympics

Joshua Liendo Edwards is four-time World Aquatics Championships medalist and three-time FINA World Swimming Championships medalist, he is also the 2022 Commonwealth champion in the 100-metre butterfly. He is the first Black Canadian swimmer to win an individual medal at a major international championship, as well as the first to win a gold medal, and represented Canada at the 2020 Summer Olympics.

Josh Liendo

Liendo was born in Toronto, Ontario, but spent his early childhood in Trinidad and Tobago, beginning to learn to swim there. His family relocated to Scarborough when he was nine years old.

Despite his successes (he is now a world and NCAA champion) the talented Torontonian keeps his feet firmly planted to the ground. He says he helped himself by keeping big personal goals in check.

While swimming is his main focus, he still maintains a disciplined study schedule in pursuing health education behaviour at the University of Florida. However, Liendo, who plays several stringed instruments, finds time to feed his musical interest. He has maintained an active and balanced life.

He is the first Black Canadian swimmer to win a number of international distinctions, and in that, as in his general approach to life, but he doesn’t seem overburdened by expectation.  

Liendo is expected to be named on Canada’s swimming team at the 2024 Paris Olympics in 2024.