Jumping in Antigua for Carnival 2022


Anthony Joseph in Antigua

Anthony Joseph

This year I decided to forgo my usual Caribana “fix” and head down to Antigua to take in the carnival here.

So I boarded a Sunwing flight in Toronto on Saturday morning and four hours later, I was at the Antigua’s V.C. Bird International Airport.

Within five minutes of clearing customs, I ran into a familiar Toronto face -Eric Delfish down for the carnival as well. He too decided to give up his Caribana “fix” for the Antigua carnival and the Hudson white sand beaches on the island – a totally different atmosphere.

 That evening we had dinner at the beautiful Galley Bay Resort & Spa and then headed out to the Antigua Recreation Ground for the soca competition.

A total of 16 contestants performed at top level. I would not like to have been a judge at this event because it started off high and it went higher and higher as the audience kept getting bigger and bigger until the whole place was filled with soca lovers of all ages. I saw children as young as seven years old as well as grandmas and grandpas enjoying the music.

The show ended with about 50 masqueraders on stage.

A magnificient performance.