Jumping with Adidas in Carnival Nationz

By Stephen Weir

Adidas Canada runners

Going to Parade on Saturday and want to see something different? Check the feet on some of the Carnival Nationz crew who have traded in traditional mas costume shoes for comfy runners.

Adidas Canada has teamed up the Carnival Nationz band to introduce runners onto da road. The popular shoe company is calling itself adidas Carnival this weekend and has introduced not just shoes for playing mas on a paved road but also audience friendly Ts and tank tops (Caribbean Camera’s fav is the Machel Montana T-shirt).

“For Carnival, the road is the culmination of everything. The sounds, the costumes, the flavours, the colours, the fetes, the vibes,” said adidas spokeperson Simran Arora.  “It all comes together at this moment. In a city where Caribbean influence is ever-present, Carnival is a way of-life for many, and embraced by even more. From mas camp to the Big Stage. Nothing compares to the feeling of being ON ROAD.”

Machel Montano T Shirt