JUNO-winning reggae performer Lazo drops a new single

Set and ready to be a timely classic all at once, JUNO Award-winning reggae artist Lazo brings listeners together with the power only love and music combined can have in difficult times with the release of his new single, “Love Is On Ur Side” — available now!

It’s a timeless story of classic Reggae music: a story of hardship that makes the end that seem so far away. However, with some love, compassion, and the inner strength to overcome obstacles we can and will make it happen. It’s human nature, and you can’t suppress love. “Love Is On Ur Side” echoes this story for generations who grew up with Reggae music while also creating a welcoming experience for newer generations learning to embrace music that loves them back.


Featuring classic Reggae chord progressions and wah-guitar, Lazo creates the perfect blend of island chillin’ and advocacy in “Love Is On Ur Side” — the latest to be featured off his recent 14-track LP, I Have a Dream. “The album is unique in the sense that the choice of songs — including “Love Is On Ur Side” — is very unusual,” the critically acclaimed artist shares. “It brings all these different genres into one melting pot, which has never been attempted before.”

While the song itself seems like a seamless effort of Reggae guitar, walking bass lines, and well-structured background vocals, the process was everything other than easy given the current global situation; I Have a Dream was recorded in the height of lockdowns — a new challenge for the tenured artist who first stepped on the scene at age 15, receiving extensive airplay and accolades since.

“Having to social distance with the other musicians in the studios was tough, to say the least,” he recalls. “We all know music is all about vibing with each other, and feeding off of each other’s energy.

“In the end, the power and love of the music trumped all the distractions and difficulties, and made it all come together beautifully.”

A world class performer by every definition, it’s Lazo’s deep passion for Reggae music, the people’s music, that has given him such a bolstering advantage in his music career. Honoured with awards from industry peers, Lazo was chosen as the Top Reggae Performer of the Year by the internationally recognized Canadian Reggae Music Awards, and has received multiple JUNO Award nominations, as well as a JUNO Award win for Best Reggae Recording for Heart and Soul in 2000.

A global name in the Reggae genre, Lazo is a frequent member at the Sunfest Festival in West Palm Beach, Florida – garnering the nickname “Mr. Sunfest” – and has stood on stage with the Wailers, Alpha Blondie, and more.

“Love Is On Your Side” and I Have a Dream are available now.