Kaiso Royale – A tale of two Kaiso Royals

Singing Sandra will share the stage with Macomere Fifi on Oct. 31.
Singing Sandra will share the stage with Macomere Fifi on Oct. 31.

Canada’s six-time Canadian Calypso Monarch Macomere Fifi will share the stage with two-time T&T Calypso Monarch Singing Sandra on Friday, Oct. 31, in Toronto at the United Steelworkers Union Hall.

Billed as the Meeting of the Monarchs, this milestone concert is the ultimate Calypso coronation, pitting our Canadian Calypso Monarch against the winner of the Calypso Queen of the World and the Carifesta Calypso Monarch.

As Trinidad and Tobago celebrates Calypso History Month during October, Kaiso Royale will bookend the occasion here in Toronto for the pleasure of our calypso connoisseurs and admirers of both artists.

Singing Sandra burst on the Calypso scene with her debut Kaiso The Raperman coming in 1984, but it was not until 1987 that the public took notice of her when she sang her piece de resistance, Die with my dignity. She won the Calypso Monarch in Trinidad and Tobago on two occasions and has been a regular finalist in the country’s major calypso competitions.

Renowned for such hits as Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Mother and Daughter, and Before you gone Birdie, Macomere Fifi has been spreading her wings into the theatre field as well, having performed in Obeah Opera by Nicole Brooks, which has been commissioned to perform for Pan Am 2015 in Toronto.

“I had the opportunity to share the stage with such icons as Calypso Rose and the Mighty Sparrow; now I am absolutely thrilled to share the stage with Singing Sandra, woman to woman, Kaisonian to Kaisonian,” says an elated Macomere Fifi.

“Even as we get ready for the parang season in Toronto, I am confident that the Toronto audience will welcome this calypso distraction because it is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for these two powerful women in Calypso to share a stage together,” says Rhoma Spencer, producer and executive director of Archipelago Entertainment.

The concert’s special guest is Mandy Woods, 2011 Canadian Reggae Music Award Best Female Vocalist and Best New Artist winner. Musical direction is in the competent hands of Ernie Trelfall.

Doors open at 8 p.m. Showtime is 9 p.m. Admission is $25 – $35. Contact Rhoma Spencer at Rhoma.spencer99@gmail.com or 416-750-1764.