Keisha Christian Releases Love at El Mocambo

Keisha Christian

Keisha Christian, a Barbadian soul/R&B artist, is taking listeners on a journey through the highs, lows, and intricacies of love with her new album, 360 Love. Produced by Billboard-charting pianist Eddie Bullen and Thunder Dome Sounds, the album blends R&B and jazz into a mix of breezy grooves, stormy ballads, and bouncy anthems, exploring themes of love, intimacy, heartbreak, and self-discovery.

The album’s twelve tracks showcase Christian’s smooth and soulful vocals, starting with “Before I Go,” a pensive heartbreak song with soaring vocals and introspective guitar fingerpicking. The next track, “Love Is,” meditates on the complexity of love, while “Bésame Mucho” delivers a stormy and dramatic cover of the classic song. “Tunnel” furthers the theme of darkness and rain, then lets the light break through with uplifting harmonies and instrumentation.

Christian shifts the tone again with “You Got To Go,” infusing the album with sass and attitude. She takes a soulful turn on “Only So Much,” setting a line in the sand, then adopts a vocal pluckiness on “Having My Heart Broken By You,” assuring listeners she’ll get through the breakup maturely and philosophically.

Keisha Christian

“Who Was I Tonight” captures the electricity and giddy uncertainty of love in its early bloom, while “Never A Failure” is an anthem of self-love and self-assurance. “Here We Go Again” is groovy and gliding, capturing a ’70s sunniness and lack of burden, while “It’s Okay” starts with a gloomy admission, then talks itself out of it amid wailing electric guitar and subtle harmonies. The album ends on the sensual groove of “I Love You,” a celebration of two lovers enjoying each other, heightened by the intoxication of love.

Overall, 360 Love is a winding adventure of love, intimacy, heartbreak, and self-discovery. “I’ve poured my heart and soul into this album,” says Christian. “I hope it inspires my fans, makes them feel something special, and ultimately brings them a sense of joy and fulfillment.” The album will be available for purchase and streaming on all major platforms starting April 14th.

Eddie Bullen

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