Keith Merith’s book launches to a packed house

‘A Darker Shade of Blue’ a must read

Some might say that retired York Region police supervisor Keith Merith picked a good day to launch his autobiography last Saturday. Those in the book business would say it differently; rookie author Merith had an amazing launch for his new book, “A Darker Shade of Blue.” He hit it out of the park, got a royal flush, and hit the mother lode all in one day.

Keith Merith

Most book launches usually only attract a small but loyal crowd; 20 to 30 book fans are the norm. However, on Saturday, at the popular Scarborough Windies Restaurant & Sports Bar, the organizers started turning away people at 170.

 “A few more talked their way in,” said Keith Merith, “we think it was about 184 that came in and took in the speeches and bought a book.” Former police colleagues, MP Paul Chiang himself a retired police officer, city councillor Michael Thompson, and even a judge or two came to the launch.

Even before the afternoon launch had begun, everyone knew that the day was a winner. The Toronto Star had written a feature about Merith and the book, he had done a morning TV show interview, CBC radio had two interviews on the go, and maybe most impressive, The Saturday Best Sellers list had it open at number 7 in the Canadian Non-Fiction category!

Keith Merith and Newton Vanriel

In “A Darker Shade of Blue,” Merith shares both his gut-wrenching and heart-warming experiences and advocates for immediate police reform in a balanced and level-headed manner. He praises the people in blue, but he also knows on a visceral level that there are deep issues that need to be rectified—starting with recruitment.

It is a book with a sense of humor, respect, uplifting humanity, and an overwhelming love for his wife Cheryl and their daughters and grandchildren.

Merith said the phone has not stopped ringing. Interview requests. Speaking engagement offers. Some people call just to ask where they can buy the book.

Keith Merith signing one of many copies sold

Don’t worry, if you can’t get a copy right now, the bookstores are restocking even as you read this.