Kenneth Bryan’s Call for Sustainability when Unlocking Caribbean Investment Opportunities

Kenneth Bryan, Minister for Tourism & Ports, Cayman Islands and Chairman, Council of Ministers and Commissioners of Tourism, Caribbean Tourism Organization

Kenneth Bryan, Chairman of the Caribbean Tourism Organization and Minister of Tourism of Cayman Islands, spoke at the USA-Caribbean Investment Forum in New York, highlighting the Caribbean’s investment potential. He mentioned the region’s allure with its beautiful beaches, vibrant cultures, and rapid tourism growth.

Minister Bryan acknowledged the challenges, like climate change and energy reliance, and called for sustainable investment. He emphasized that today’s travelers seek eco-friendly destinations, making sustainable tourism essential.

He urged investors to support environmentally responsible projects, emphasizing renewable energy and sustainable tourism as promising sectors. Minister Bryan also stressed the importance of ensuring investments benefit the local population and align with national development goals.

In conclusion, he invited investors to join the Caribbean’s journey of economic growth, sustainability, and memorable travel experiences.

The USA-Caribbean Investment Forum, organized by CAIPA, focuses on “Partnering for Sustained Development in the Caribbean.”