Kimberlee Shelley honoured with a Bench at Humber College


Kimberlee Shelley

A beacon that is making a mark has been honored with a Bench at Humber College North Campus for her accomplishments, community work and contributions to the college.

Brampton author and activist Kimberlee Shelley has also been name among The 100 Accomplished Black Women 2022, adding to her Brampton Top 40 award, and RBC 25 Top Canadian Immigrant Award. She has received all this before the age of 30. Kimberlee was the first black and youngest branch manager at Universal Staffing Inc -Brampton.

In 2020 she was one of the lead organizers for the “Peel March for Justice, which was one of the biggest protest in the region at the time.

Kimberlee said that “when the whole George Floyd, BLM made a new surge , I wanted to address issues of systematic racisms and barriers that existed North of the Border here in Canada.”

“One of the institutions targeted was the peel school system. We would see where there was little or no representation from the black community in faculty. Black students where STREAMED into applied courses which means they can only go to college not university. Harsher penalties were given to black students who misbehaved as oppose to their white classmates etc.”

“That said because we’ve protested before, I wanted to ensure our efforts were sustained and that while we demonstrated we had meetings with the minister of education, and other government officials along with the Peel district school board chair. This ultimately resulted in streaming being ended; cancellation of suspension of elementary school children; commitment of anti-racism and sensitivity training for trustees.”

This was really big as this has plagued black and other marginalized students for years and while there were promises, until now no other group got the government to officially make those changes. There is also a pending bill to hold those in the system accountable who goes against this.”

Kimberlee, recently a new mom, continues to champion causes of inclusion, equity, diversity, arts and culture by helping to organize events and assist with special projects at all levels of government.

Kimberlee was appointed director of communications for the Conservative Black Congress of Canada, which is a not-for-profit organization that recognizes the need to establish a political outreach to the black communities in Canada, and to bring Black Conservatives across Canada together to achieve a common goal. The The Federal Conservative Party is the official opposition while the Progressive Conservatives are currently in power in Ontario.

Kimberley indicated that “since the formation of the congress and the advocacy for more representation, we have a record number of black candidates running for office in the upcoming elections; a scholarship named after the first black person elected to the house of commons; scholarship awards to black students wanting to get into politics provide paid internship and mentorship opportunities.”