Kittians to discuss legalization of marijuana

The St. Kitts-Nevis government will be seeking input from across the island to develop a plan aimed at legalization of marijuana. Minister of Justice and Legal Affairs, Patrice Nisbett said research on the issue has been done throughout the Federation’s of secondary school, prison and wider community. The information is to be put together and the data will be used to develop the island’s master plan for drugs and substance abuse prevention.

“We need to formulate positions on the particular matter. From time to time in the local media, there has been very aggressive and lively discussion in relation to decriminalization and legalization of marijuana. So we feel it is a fitting time for the general public in St Kitts- Nevis to engage in open debate and discussion on the issue,” Nesbitt said.

Prime minister, Denzil Douglas denied saying at a press conference that his government was against legalizing marijuana. He said it would not be financially viable for small countries such as St Kitts-Nevis to grow marijuana commercially. He said the focus should be on growing food.

The Organization of Rastifari in Unity has been calling for the decriminalization of the marijuana. They had staged a protest in the capital, Basseterre last August for the government to legalize the weed.