Kyle Rittenhouse – Officer Prodigy

When teenaged vigilante Kyle Rittenhouse walked free after murdering two people in Kenosha, Wisconsin, Raymond Nat Turner, Black Agenda Report poet-in-residence put pen to paper.

 Referring to Rittenhouse as the “Officer Prodigy”, Turner wrote:

Kyle Rittenhouse

Mother loaded Officer Prodigy into her vehicle;

and drove him from “The Land of Lincoln” to the “Badger State” to play policeman on protestors with his wonderful assault weapon…

By nightfall he’d shot 3. Killed 2. Skip the academy!

Go straight to the streets: ’hood, barrio, reservation!

Skip the academy! He knew to shoot first and answer questions in court. He knew sci-fi, Pig Latin and the 5

White magic words:

“…I feared for my life…” “I feared for my safety—“

(Feared it wouldn’t release fast enough for kill shots)

 Officer Prodigy did everything right. Cleaned up for

court. Raised his right hoof, testi-lyin—Oscar-winning performance complete with crocodile tears…He did  everything right making his bones. Earning his bent badge;

his grim reaper-death head tats. Earning notches on his rifle butt. Earning access to blu klux klan bar rituals—earning his Handcuffs, taser, mace and gun belt.

Officer Prodigy did everything right. Earned Fraternal Order of Police-Benevolent Patrolmen Association props from top cops! Earned cop college education—one night school class in the University of the Streets…

On to master classes with Clubber Williams; Choker Vasquez;

Gloves Davis; Jude “The Foot Doctor” Sipano and other All Star

instructors! On to finishing school—learning how to keep “War bags’ full of throwaway guns, knives and dope in the trunk of his cruiser—Learning how to plant ‘evidence’/“put’ cases on” people!

Oh, what a wonderful start when he walks—or is wrist-slapped!

There’ll be victory laps, bar-hops, celebrating his kills, his walk.

Bet there’ll even be a brand new patrol car parked beneath his Christmas tree, emblazoned in bone white letters, “To protect and serve…”