La Brea erupts at poor road, few jobs

La BreaPORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad – Peoples National Movement (PNM) constituency of La Brea was the scene of fiery protests recently involving residents angry over the lack of job opportunities and the deplorable state of the road.
The South Trunk Road was blockaded in at least 18 locations before daybreak, causing chaos for people trying to get to work and school.
The road links San Fernando to Point Fortin and there will be no alternative route until the completion of the Solomon Hochoy Highway extension project.
Resident Lennox Longdon said debris was strewn across the roads at Three Hands to Bel Vue, and Point Dor, as a way to make a statement to government that it needs to intervene urgently.
Residents claimed that their newly elected member of parliament Nicole Olivierre had done little to help. Olivierre said a meeting with residents is planned.
Longdon said for years the roads have been left with potholes and were poorly maintained, leading to frequent floods.
“The residents here, we just fed up. Nothing is being done to help the people. We are feeling neglected by the MP and the government,” said Longdon. He also said taxi drivers increased their fares as a result of the road conditions.
Longdon said residents want the government to help with the road problems.
“This is the worst I’ve seen in years. It doesn’t take much, just a little maintenance and even that they can’t do.”