Ladies, let’s go on a manhunt …

The opinions in this article are mine and mine alone. Who am I? Just your average So n So.
The opinions in this article are mine and mine alone. Who am I? Just your average So n So.

Dear So n So:

How do you find a decent man nowadays? Where is a woman supposed to find a husband? Signed Miss Single and Frustrated.



Well, Miss Single and Frustrated, the answer to that is very complex. This is because everyone has a different standard as to what they consider decent. Rest assured there is always someone out there for everyone, a soul mate if you will. Just like a pencil, you can always go hunting for it but you’ll only find it when you least expect it.

There are a lot of different ways that people try to meet Mr. or Mrs. Right. Dating sites, mixers, speed dating, blind dates, hookups, stalking, etc. etc., but do they really work?

Let’s break these down.

If you take the plunge and sign up on dating sites like POF or Tinder you are putting what it is you want out there instantly. These sites, while they may be good for Mr. or Mrs. Right Now, may not be the place to find a husband.

While there may be some genuine people on the sites looking for love, in most cases they are looking for lust. Nothing wrong with that. If you are looking for a good time by all means handle you business. Just be safe about it.

Speed dating. I never really understood how this works. People go from table to table for a period of time to get to know a person. Can it work? I guess.

I am a firm believer that strange things can happen or spark in an instant, then poof next instant – on to the next. Nah nah nah boss, where do you think you going? If I like you and you like me let’s leave one time.

Blind dates … worse yet. Oh you gonna love my friend, he has great personality, good looking and has a nice job. Hmmmmmm … proceed with caution.

If anyone tries to hook you up with a friend ask them one question. If he’s so good how come you don’t date him? Look your friend straight in the eye and wait for the response. What? No answer? Thought so? NEXT!

Hookups. Refer to blind dates. Remember it’s called a hookup for a reason. Moving on.

Stalking. This one is the most effective way to get close to the person of your desire. It also allows you to see nature in a different light (i.e. in a bush or a tree, etc). Lastly you will be able to have your name right beside the one you desire. I mean, yeah, so it’s on a restraining order … baby steps, just baby steps.

All jokes aside, the husband you seek is probably already around you. Do you notice him? He is your best friend, the guy in school who always helps you with your studies, the guy in the park you always see every time you walk your dog or take your kids to play.

These guys have all put in effort to be noticed by you and show qualities that you would want in a husband. A confidant when you’re in need (best friend), someone educated (one who helps you with studies), someone who pays attention to little details (the guy in the park) or someone who writes articles in the newspaper (ahem, ahem).

Mr. Right may be standing in front of you the whole time. Look at all the men you have around you right now not because of what they can gain but because they just want to be around you. If you are truly looking for a husband that would be the first place to look.

Just like the pencil, when you go hunting you never seem to find one. A week later you’ll notice it was right under your nose the whole time.

Agree or disagree, it’s up to you. This is just the opinion of your average So n So.

PS: Does anyone remember what my POF password is? And who took my pencil?