Less money for carnival bandleaders

Toronto Carnival bandleaders  will receive less money from the Festival Management Corporation (FMC)  this year because of funding cuts, according to an FMC official.

The official  told the Caribbean Camera that although the FMC has not received any “formal notification ” from the provincial government with respect to  funding for Toronto Caribbean Carnival 2019, it has a “projected  a 34 per cent downward adjustment on grants.”

“What that means is that based on what we thought we would receive, we are receiving 34 per cent less.”

The official also reported that ” the FMC has suffered a 60 per cent reduction in its sponsorship.”

“We do not have a title sponsor this year. So it will be just Toronto Caribbean Carnival,” the official noted.

Bandleaders  and other festival stakeholders were informed about t funding cuts at meeting with FMC officials last week.