Letter from the President/CEO of the Caribbean Camera

The Caribbean Camera is looking at ways to create a better newspaper.
In our past two editions, we tried some different things. In the weeks and months ahead, we will be looking at rejuvenating the newspaper.

Raynier Maharaj
Raynier Maharaj

I wish to announced that our long time Managing Editor, Raynier Maharaj has left his position after 24 years of producing The Caribbean Camera.We would like to wish him all the very best in his future endeavours.




As President and CEO of The Caribbean Camera, I have been associated with this newspaper for some 20 years providing the marketing and financial support. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr. Maharaj for the exceptional work he did as Managing Editor of The Caribbean Camera, which he served with pride.

We at the Caribbean Camera are committed to providing our community with the very best because we know that the community deserves the best from us.

The Caribbean Camera has always had the best interest of our community at heart and that is not going to change our objective, which is to keep our readers informed.

I along with the writers and Associate Editor, Gerald Paul will work towards bringing you the news and information from around the Caribbean as well as locally on a variety of issues and topics.

We are working at capturing more local stories celebrating our victories or heroes and our youth, hence, we will be relying on you, our readers to help us achieve that by sharing tips and information with us.

It is our wish that you will continue to support us in our endeavour as we move towards making The Caribbean Camera to a more community friendly paper. We believe that there is a bigger part that you can play in making the paper a success. One way is to send us letters to the editor, another could be tips on possible stories that we could feature and these tips could be about you, your family, friends and organizations. We would like to be the conduit that carries these messages to the community for you. In short, we want to continue being your community news source.    After all, our slogan of “Many People, One Paper” is not just a nice set of words, it’s the bedrock which makes us do what we do for you on a weekly basic.

Anthony JosephPresident/CEO of the Caribbean Camera
Anthony Joseph
President/CEO of the Caribbean Camera

It has been a pleasure working for you for the last 22 years, functioning as the president responsible for the marketing, sponsorship, and advertising.

I do look forward to serving the community for the next 22 years and more with your help and blessings.

Anthony Joseph.