Thursday March 19, 2020

Anthony Joseph

Dear Readers,

The declaration on Tuesday by the Ontario government of a State of Emergency is already having a major  impact on business community in the province.

Particularly hard hit are small business, some of which have been our advertisers for long periods during our 30 years of publishing.

Unfortunately, some of these businesses have had to close their doors and this has seriously affected our distribution system. We cannot drop off papers at these locations, as we have done week after week.

And, of course, many of our loyal readers who show up at these business places  on Thursday to get their copy of The Caribbean Camera, hot off the press, will not be able to do so because they are being good citizens and staying at home to keep themselves and their families safe.

We do not know when the State of Emergency will be lifted. Nor do we know if some of our advertisers will still be in business when it is finally over.

But let me assure you:The Caribbean Camera  remains committed to providing you with the kind of news to which you look forward to receiving week after week.

While we may be forced to stop the presses and not deliver The Caribbean Camera in printed form, we will not let the virus still our voices.

We will continue to provide news and information to you online and through the channels of social media.

And as soon as possible, your popular community newspaper will hit the streets once more but for now.

You can connect with us on the website at: www.thecaribbeancamera.com Facebook.com@caribbean.camera.7 Instagram.com@caribbeancameramow and for Twitter.com@caribcamnews  

Thanks for your support and best wishes for the future.

Yours truly,

Anthony Joseph