Licensing hearing for CKFG-FM on Tuesday

Fitzroy Gordon

The  Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) will hold a hearing on Tuesday to consider the application  by Intercity Broadcasting Network Inc. (Intercity) to renew the broadcasting license for the Toronto radio station CKFG-FM (G98.7).

The station’s license was “administratively renewed ” until August 31, 2018.
According to the  CRTC website, ” the Commission has concerns regarding the licensee’s ability and commitment to operate the. station in a compliant manner.

” In this regard, the Commission will consider further regulatory measures such as the imposition of mandatory orders requiring the licensee to comply with its regulatory obligations in addition to a short-term license renewal and conditions of license requiring additional CCD contributions that are over-and-above those required by the Regulations or by existing conditions of license.”

In an exclusive story in The Caribbean Camera on August 31 last, Jamaica-born Fitzroy Gordon, founder and Chief Executive Officer of  the station, dismissed the idea that it was in any imminent danger of losing the broadcasting license it was granted in June 2011 by the CRTC.

“I don’t see the station as being in danger of being removed by the CRTC,’’ he said

Gordon, who also is manager of G98.7, admitted that the station has been non-compliant on some issues, but said that was “a while ago.’’

The license to operate G98.7 was granted to Intercity Broadcasting Network Inc., which had lobbied members of the Black and Caribbean community to support its application to the CRTC.

Gordon who hosted several programs on the station, was in hospital last year with “serious health  challenges.  Since then his voice has not been heard on the station.