Machel's 'Like ah Boss’ wins Road March

Machel Montano
Machel Montano

It’s official. Machel Montano’s Like Ah Boss was the most popular song of the 2015 Carnival Parade of the Bands in Trinidad.

It was clearly a case of Machel Montano vs Machel Montano as his songs dominated the Parade of the Bands at the Queen’s Park Savannah venue.

Montano’s Like Ah Boss was the first song played at the venue in the morning when the first band, Harts, crossed the stage. It would set the tone for the rest of the day, continuing a dominance which became apparent on Monday.

By 1 pm, the song was played at least 35 times, though members of the Savannah audience would be hard-pressed to say exactly how many times the song was played as it was virtually on constant rotation.

Still, Montano faced some glimmers of competition from his own songs. The late-comer to the competition – which has nonetheless become popular – Party Done was played at least half dozen times by 1 p.m.

The song had been popular with some bands and at J’Ouvert. Montano’s collaboration with Patrice Roberts Great Parade was also heard at least half dozen times, as well as his other hit Erupt which came in second.

Another favourite, Olatunji Yearwood’s Ola, placed third with 22 spins.

Montano’s Like Ah Boss was also largely the tune of choice at all venues across the country, including San Fernando and Tobago.

He has won the Road March six times with Big Truck (1997); Band of the Year (with Patrice Roberts 2006); Jumbie (2007); Advantage (2011); Pump Yuh Flag (2012) and MOR, Ministry of the Road (2014).

From Trinidad Newsday